Dr. Nathan Knutson, the Director of Sacred Music at St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia, joins us for this episode on the Church’s esteem for the pipe organ. If you’ve been looking to learn about the history of the organ in the Roman rite, the basics of its construction, or the theology of its inclusion into a religion which takes the voice as its first instrument, this is the episode for you! And if you’re an organist thinking about how to explain your role to parishioners, we hope you’ll find something helpful here, too.

Check out the music program at St. Charles Seminary at their facebook page: facebook.com/seminarymusic/

The organ method Dr. Knutson and his wife created is available at: domenicozipoli.org/organ 

Find out more soon about the summer 2020 course “Introduction to the Organ for Pianists” being offered at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers, New York at dunwoodie.edu.