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SE03 EP06 – Dominican Chant – with Fr. Innocent Smith, O.P.

Join us for our Christmas special, highlighting chants of the Christmas midnight Mass with Dominican rite and chant expert, Fr. Innocent Smith, O.P. Innocent Smith, O.P., is a doctoral student in Liturgical Studies at the Universität Regensburg and is an associate...

SE03 EP05 – Swimming the Thames and the Tiber – with Dr. Jay Hershberger

Dr. Jay Hershberger joins us to share the story of his conversion to the Catholic faith by way of the Anglo-catholic tradition. We also discuss his work in developing the sacred music program at the Cathedral of St. Mary in Fargo, North Dakota. Learn more about Dr....

SE03 EP04 – Music of the Ordinariate – with Fr. James Bradley

Fr. James Bradley, J.C.D., an Assistant Professor of Canon Law at The Catholic University of America and priest of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, joins us to discuss his musical upbringing in the church of England and his conversion to...

SE03 EP03 – Motets – with Dr. Aaron James

What is a motet? Where did this musical genre come from? What has the word "motet" meant throughout history? What can motets of the past teach us about incorporating non-obligatory texts into the sacred liturgy? How can the music and texts of motets make the other...

SE03 EP02 – Growing up Catholic in China and Musical Life in the Church in China – with His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Zen

A brave man and heroic witness for the freedom and rights of the Church in China and Hong Kong, His Eminence, Joseph Cardinal Zen, joins us for a discussion about music while growing up in Shanghai, in his formation as a Salesian, and in seminaries in China.
Episode Archive (if not hyperlinked, it means the episode has not yet aired)

Season 1

Episode 1– An Archbishop’s Reflections on Sacred Music – with Archbishop Alexander K. Sample
Episode 2 – Beauty and Catholic Culture: a Story of Conversion – with Vida and Josh Hernandez
Episode 3 – The Role of Sacred Music in Catholic Education – with Charles Cole
Episode 4 – Introduction to Gregorian Chant – with Dr. William Mahrt
Episode 5 – The Spirituality of Gregorian Chant – with Fr. Cassian Folsom, OSB
Episode 6 – Historical Techniques for Teaching Music to Children – with Charlie Weaver
Episode 7 – The Role of Sacred Art in Evangelization and Church Patronage of Art – with Dr. Elizabeth Lev
Episode 8 – Evangelization and Catechesis through Music: South American Jesuit Missions and Working with Underserved Populations –  with Lisa Knutson
Episode 9 – Modern Sacred Music – with Kevin Allen
Episode 10 – Teaching Sacred Music in Nigeria – with Fr. Jude Orakwe
Episode 11 – Developing a Sacred Music Program: St. Vincent Ferrer, NYC – with James Wetzel
Episode 12 – The Participation of Little Children in the Sacred Liturgy – with Dr. Timothy O’Malley

Season 2

Episode 1 – Sacred Music and Sacred Silence as Powerful Spiritual Medicines – Part 1 with His Eminence, Robert Cardinal Sarah
Episode 2 – The Worship of God: The Heart of the Mission of the Church – Part 2 with His Eminence, Robert Cardinal Sarah
Episode 3 – All about Saint Cecilia, Or: When in Rome – with Gregory DiPippo
Episode 4 – The Spiritual Fruits of Singing the Mass for Both Priests and the Laity – with Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ
Episode 5 – Musical Treasures of the Mozarabic (Hispanic) Rite – with Jim Monti
Episode 6 – Understanding Christ in the Psalms – with Dom Benedict Andersen, OSB 
Episode 7 – St. Elizabeth of the Trinity as Musician and Spiritual Friend – with Dr. Anthony Lilles
Episode 8 – The Pipe Organ: King of the Instruments – with Dr. Nathan Knutson
Episode 9 – The Music of Notre Dame de Paris: The Organs and Organists through the Centuries – with Olivier Latry
Episode 10 – Beauty, Reverence, and Whether It’s All in the Eye of the Beholder – with Dr. Alice von Hildebrand
Episode 11 – William Byrd: English Catholic Composer and Recusant – with Dr. Kerry McCarthy
Episode 12 – The Hows and Whys of Illuminated Chant Manuscripts – with Elizabeth Lemme
Episode 13 – Pope Pius X’s Motu Proprio on Sacred Music – with Dr. Susan Treacy
BONUS Episode 1 – Conducting and Group Vocal Tips for the Parish Music Director – with Dr. Timothy McDonnell
Episode 14 – From Ragas to Responsories: A Hindu Becomes a Catholic Priest – with Fr. Gaurav Shroff
BONUS Episode 2 – Teaching Gregorian Chant to Children: A Look at the Ward Method – with Kevin Collins and Dr. Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka
Episode 15 – A Catholic Portrait of Abbé Franz Liszt – with Dr. Jay Hershberger
Episode 16 – “Lord, Teach Us to Pray”: The Spiritual Fruits of Obedience in Matters Liturgical – with Dom Alcuin Reid, OSB
Bonus Episode 3 – The Top 5 Misconceptions about Music at Mass (Part I: nos. 1 and 2) – with Dr. Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka
Bonus Episode 4 – 40+ (Mostly Free) Resources for Making Excellent Sacred Music in a Time of Restrictions
Bonus Episode 5 – Introduction to the Organ for Pianists – with Dr. Crista Miller
Episode 17 – Sacred Music as a Vital Part of Parish Life and Fellowship – roundtable with Mary Ann Carr Wilson, Charles Cole, and Fr. Robert Pasley

Episode 18 – 7000+ Hours of Gregorian Chant: Behind the Scenes at the Neumz Project with John Anderson and Alberto Díaz-Blanco
Episode 19 – Where Do I Start? A Pastoral Plan for Changing a Parish Music Program – with Dr. Mary Jane Ballou
Episode 20 – Lectio Divina and Biblical Exegesis of Gregorian Chants for the 5th Sunday after Pentecost – with Dom Mark Kirby, OSB

Season 3
Episode 1 – Sanctity, Beauty, and Universality in Modern Sacred Music – with Sir James MacMillan
Episode 2 – Growing up Catholic in China and Musical Life in the Church in China – with His Eminence, Joseph Cardinal Zen
Episode 3 – Motets – with Dr. Aaron James
Episode 4 – Music of the Ordinariate – with Fr. James Bradley
Episode 5 – Swimming the Thames and the Tiber – with Dr. Jay Hershberger
Episode 6 – Dominican Chant – with Fr. Innocent Smith, O.P.
Episode 7 – Sentiment, Emotion, and Sacred Music – with Nicholas Lemme
Episode 8 – Pius X School of Liturgical Music: A Snapshot of Sacred Music Education in America – with Dr. Francis Brancaleone
Episode 9 – Helping a Parish Music Program through Covid-19 – with Dr. Mary Jane Ballou
Episode 10 – Sergei Rachmaninoff and the Sounds of Russian Orthodoxy – with Dr. Richard Fountain
Episode 11 – Modality in Gregorian Chant – with Dr. William Mahrt
Episode 12 – Saint Juan de Ribera and the Importance of Prayer in Liturgical and Musical Renewal – with James Monti
Episode 13 – Meeting Your Spouse in Choir, Weddings, and Babies – with Theresa and Ben Volpe, Sam and Lauren Rowe, and Drs. Jacek and Jennifer Nowiccy
Episode 14 – The Music and Life of Jean Langlais – with Ann Labounsky